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PBMC Isolation & Biorepository


Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell (PBMC) Processing

  • Viracor’s PBMC services include effective isolation, quantitation, processing, culture, cyro-preservation, storage or shipping, and analysis.
  • Our highly trained laboratory professionals, are experienced with many different client-specific processing protocols customized for downstream analytical needs.
  • Our methodology provides consistent, robust cell preparations suitable for evaluating immune functional responses to therapeutic agents, including analysis by flow cytometry, qPCR, Cell Culture,and ELISpot.

Eurofins Global Network

Eurofins BioPharma Services encompasses the largest wholly-owned network of BioPharma Services dedicated testing facilities, with over 125 locations, world-wide.  Eurofins’ global presence allows for the harmonization of PBMC processes and analysis for sample stability and processing.

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