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Sample Management, and BioStorage

Sample storage in regulated bioanalysis is one of the most important aspects for clinical trial support, given if the samples are compromised at any stage prior to analysis, the study results can be affected.

As trusted partners in clinical research, we understand the importance of biological sample preservation, and offer a comprehensive selection of sample storage solutions, designed to protect your precious biological material, as well as track and retrieve your inventory; to ensure reproducible results, and peace of mind.                      

Eurofins Viracor can also help with sample processing, extraction, aliquoting, storage, retrieval, transport, and final disposition; while retaining traceability and chain of custody.


Sample Registration                Processing/ Aliquoting                     Storage & Retrieval                     Deposition/ Destruction

Our lab processing services support personalized medicine and accelerate the discoveries that lead to innovative, effective, and safe healthcare products. We provide time and cost-efficient biological samples logistics services to our clients, creating sample logistics solutions tailored to your clinical trial’s needs.




At Eurofins Viracor Biopharma we understand that all clinical trial samples are precious, and in most cases irreplaceable.  We are experts in transporting, storing, and handling specialized biological samples, and we specialize in storage of all types of biological samples for pharmaceutical clinical trial research at our new state-of-the-art facility.


                  Blood                                 Urine                                        Tissue                                     Cells                                      DNA

That's while we proudly offer our clients the latest in Automated Ultra Low Temperature Storage technology.


  • Ultra low-temperature storage (-70C to -80C)

Our new Hamilton BiOS sysytem enables us to provide our clients with the most comprehensive protection available for biological samples, and guarantee sample integrity.

Our industry leading ULT(ultra-low temperature) biostorage systems provide customer focused solutions, whether you are storing 10 or 10 million samples, providing unprecedented access and control of customer inventory.  

We integrate cold chain management and cryostorage with 21CFR compliant software, to provide a reliable and comprehensive solution for the preservation of biological samples.


  • Liquid nitrogen vapor phase storage (-190C)

Your samples, including Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs), will also be safe and protected in our state-of-the-art cryopreservation and storage system. Our Brooks BioStore™III Cryo -190°C Storage System ensures specimen integrity, and accessibility for prompt retrieval. Our biorepository also preserves cell viability, functionality and chain of custody for regulatory compliance.


  • Storage services and fail-safes:
    • Backup generators and redundant HVAC systems
    • Temperature monitoring system for all freezers and refrigerators
    • Redundant whole building and biorepository security systems with 24/7 support
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