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Sample Management, and BioStorage


  • Proper sample management is a vital aspect of today's clinical trials.
  • Chain of custody is maintained throughout the complete life span of each sample
  • Your samples are safe and protected in our State-of-the-art cryopreservation and storage system. Our Brooks BioStore™III Cryo -190°C Storage System ensures specimen integrity, and accessibility for prompt retrieval. Our biorepository also preserves cell viability, functionality and chain of custody for regulatory compliance.
  • Storage services and fail-safes
  • Cold storage
    • Ultra low-temperature storage (-70C to -80C)
    • Liquid nitrogen vapor phase storage (-190C)
    • Backup generators and redundant HVAC systems
    • Temperature monitoring system for all freezers and refrigerators
    • Redundant whole building and biorepository security systems with 24/7 support
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