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For Those Most Critical Biological Samples...

Hamilton BiOS

Eurofins Viracor is proud to offer our clients the latest in Automated Ultra Low Temperature Storage technology.  Our new Hamilton BiOS XL system enables us to provide our clients with the most comprehensive protection available for biological samples, and guaranteed sample integrity.

AAPS eChalk Talk

Harnessing NanoString Technology to Advance RNA Detection and Measurement

This discussion provides an overview of nanoString technology, as an innovative advancement in digital gene expression analysis. The unique features of this technology include enzyme-free digital gene expression analysis, a dual probe hybridization process, and digital analysis to provide accurate and quantitative measurement of RNA levels. This technology offers advantages over more common methods like qPCR and RNAseq, which will be detailed in the presentation. After imparting an understanding of the capabilities and advantages of the platform, the focus shifts to address many of the criteria and challenges considered in the process of its adoption by our laboratory. Subsequently, the narrative delves into how our laboratory is actively addressing these challenges to maximize the benefits of utilizing this technology to satisfy our clients' clinical testing needs and help advance their biopharmaceutical research.

Merck Recognizes Eurofins Viracor BioPharma with Award

Merck recently presented Eurofins Viracor BioPharma with a "Top Performer"  award in recognition for their dedication and successful execution of the PCR assay validation supporting a recent clinical development project. 

Building Bridges

Eurofins Viracor BioPharma

With Cutting edge technology and a specialized team of R&D scientists, Eurofins Viracor BioPharma has been supporting clients through multiple phases of drug development for over thirty-five years.

We’re experts in developing, customizing, and validating assays for complex clinical research testing. Our broad laboratory capabilities offer services covering infectious disease, immune response, allergy hypersensitivity, oncology, and more.


We’re driven to partner with you to solve difficult scientific problems, complementing your strategies with expertise in complex method development on multiple technology platforms, validation, and transfer. Our Research & Development team serves as an extension of your laboratory, with unique skills in technology platform selection and protocol design.


Eurofins Viracor BioPharma leverages over 16 different technology platforms and accepts a broad range of specimen types, widening our capabilities and enabling us to customize testing to your exact needs for your clinical trial combined with the scalability to manage trials of any size. We are also a CAP accredited/CLIA certified laboratory and we adhere to GCLP guidelines.


Our high-throughput laboratory can support your clinical trials with the capacity to process large sample volumes quickly, support studies with short set up timelines and provide rapid turnaround times. Our project managers and scientists act as part of your team – going above and beyond to get you the results you need when you need them. Accelerating your vaccine, compound, immune therapy or biological from bench to market.

Eurofins Viracor Biopharma is a trusted provider of drug development solutions to pharmaceutical and contract research organizations. We offer complex/esoteric testing and assay development, to help advance your Phase 1-4 clinical trials through trusted partnership, scientific excellence, and exceptional service.

For more than 35 years, Viracor has been dedicated to helping clients by providing high-quality, accurate results to evaluate the effects of drug candidates across all major therapeutic categories. We offer broad experience in molecular infectious disease testing, vaccine safety and efficacy assessment, immunogenicity, cell-based assays, allergy/ hypersensitivity, and biomarker analysis. Our validated test list includes more than 3,000 assays, with new custom assays developed on a continual basis, in response to client needs.

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