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Eurofins Viracor accepts requests for additional testing utilizing a specimen that has already been shipped.

Specimens are stored for 30 days after the initial test order which allows you to add on tests (contingent on having the proper specimen type in sufficient volume). To order an add-on test, place the order utilizing the same ordering method used for the initial order.
You will be contacted if insufficient specimen volume remains for your add-on test order.

  • If initial order was placed manually: complete the Change Order Form and fax to (816) 347-0143. 

  • If initial order was placed through your interface: place the add-on test order through your interface.

  • If initial order was placed through Retriever: view this video and follow instructions to place the add-on test order through Retriever


Specimen Return

To request the return of a specimen to the originating laboratory, complete the Change Order Form and fax it to (816) 347-0143.

For other specimen inquiries, please contact Client Services at (800) 305-5198


Department of Health Labs

This service is only available for Department of Health and State Labs requesting specimen shipment for confirmatory testing.

Please include the following information with your request:

  • Location of lab that the specimen needs to be shipped to 
  • Patient Last Name, Patient First Name
  • Patient DOB
  • Test
  • Date of Collection
  • Time of Collection
  • Optional: Viracor Accession Number 

Requests should be emailed to 

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