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CMV: A Critical Concern for Transplant Recipients

CMV: A Critical Concern for Transplant Recipients

CMV poses a significant threat to organ transplant recipients, potentially leading to severe complications such as organ rejection and opportunistic infections. Despite advancements in antiviral therapies, CMV remains a prominent cause of morbidity and mortality in this vulnerable population. This month, and every month, we emphasize the importance of vigilance, early detection, and tailored treatment in managing CMV in transplant recipients.

The Role of Early Detection and Proactive Management

Prompt and accurate identification of CMV is crucial for effective management. Eurofins Viracor is dedicated to advancing CMV research and education, empowering physicians with the tools and knowledge necessary to improve patient outcomes and enhance quality of life.

Our diagnostic solutions are designed to assist you in early detection and potentially enabling timely intervention. By integrating regular CMV screening protocols and monitoring viral loads, we aim to minimize the risk of CMV-related complications in your patients. Eurofins Viracor is proud to offer:

  •  Industry leading turnaround time for all of our CMV Assays
  •  Assay refinement using dual targets, multiple probes and mutation surveillance ensures your patient will be evaluated using the most up-to-date and accurate testing
  • Ability to send all of your CMV testing to one lab:
    • PCR viral load for adults and neonates
    • Drug Resistance, now including FDA-approved maribavir (LIVTENCITY™)
    • T Cell Immunity, which uniquely evaluates CD4 and CD8 T cells
  • Multiple specimen types accepted for ease of collection


Empowering Patients and Providers

Education and awareness are powerful tools in the prevention of CMV complications. Eurofins Viracor offer a range of resources to support your efforts in educating and empowering both patients and healthcare providers:

Expert Webinars: Participate in our educational webinars featuring leading experts in transplant medicine and CMV management.

Case Studies/White Papers: Explore data on various CMV cell mediated immunity assays and how they can potentially benefit your immunocompromised patients.

Recent Publications and Abstracts: View recently released research by experts in the field of CMV


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