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Eurofins Viracor: Leading the Way in Pediatric Cancer Testing During National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness and supporting children and families affected by this devastating disease. Eurofins Viracor is proud to be at the forefront of pediatric cancer testing, offering advanced diagnostic solutions to improve outcomes for children battling leukemia. Our ExPeCTTM CAR T test plays a crucial role in monitoring pediatric CAR T-cell therapy, revolutionizing treatment and ensuring better care for young patients.

Pediatric leukemia, specifically acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), is the most common form of cancer diagnosed in children. It affects the bone marrow and blood, resulting in an overproduction of immature white blood cells. While advancements in treatment have significantly improved survival rates, managing and monitoring the disease's progress remains a challenge.


The Importance of Monitoring CAR T-Cell Therapy:

Despite the incredible promise of CAR T-cell therapy, monitoring a patient's response to treatment and identifying potential relapses is critical. Eurofins Viracor's ExPeCT CAR T test addresses this need by providing comprehensive monitoring and assessment of CAR T-cell therapy effectiveness.

ExPeCT CAR T Test:

The ExPeCT CAR T test is a cutting-edge diagnostic tool that allows clinicians to evaluate the presence and persistence of CAR T cells in a patient's blood. By quantifying CAR T-cell levels, clinicians can monitor treatment response, predict relapse, and guide clinical decision-making. This non-invasive test supports early intervention and optimization of CAR T-cell therapy. This personalized approach has shown remarkable success, leading to remission and prolonged survival in many cases, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

As part of our commitment to pediatric oncology, Eurofins Viracor is raising awareness about the importance of monitoring pediatric CAR T-cell therapy. Focusing on leading-edge monitoring of CAR T-cell therapy with the ExPeCT CAR T assay. By sharing the latest advancements in monitoring CAR T-cell therapy, we aim to empower families and healthcare providers with knowledge and resources.

Eurofins Viracor is honored to support Childhood Cancer Month and to play a vital role in the fight against pediatric leukemia. Through the ExPeCT CAR T assay and our ongoing pediatric CAR T thought leadership content focus, we are committed to advancing diagnostic capabilities, monitoring therapy effectiveness, and ultimately improving the lives of children battling leukemia. Together, we can make a difference in the fight against childhood cancer.


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