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Eurofins Viracor New Facility FAQ

Why are we moving?
Our relocation and expansion are consistent with our organizational goal of providing more comprehensive solutions for our clients. Building on a new site affords us the opportunity to create a purpose-built facility where we can maximize flexibility and efficiency of operations. Additionally, as our current and future testing demand continues to grow, we are on pace to exceed the capacity of our current location within the next few years. Furthermore, we are adding many new, state-of-the-art analytical testing platforms, processing automation, and ultralow storage technology to ensure we are well positioned to meet the changing needs of our clients.

Does the move encompass all business units, all equipment, testing, personnel, etc.?
The Eurofins Viracor company headquarters, all laboratory testing equipment, and personnel will be moving to the new facility in Lenexa, KS.

When is the actual date of the transfer of operations?
While certain factors such as weather may have an impact on our actual date of transfer, the project is currently on target for a completion and Go Live date of April 4th, 2022.

Will any services be temporarily unavailable during the move, and does Eurofins Viracor have a contingency plan or lab to perform critical/time sensitive testing in the event of a problem with the move of laboratory testing equipment?
We do not anticipate disruption of any services during the relocation. We also do not anticipate any delays to ongoing client projects/studies as a function of the move. Many duplicate systems will be temporarily established at both sites. These will be maintained through qualification of all new or relocated systems.

Will all testing need to be re-validated at the new location?
We have created a Validation Master Move Plan to outline the phased process. This includes plans to move and qualify instrumentation such that we will have qualified instruments at both locations. Once an instrument is on-line at the new facility, we will transfer the assays that are currently validated and active. There are sufficient redundant systems to ensure testing will continue at the current address. A final report in support of the Validation Master Move Plan will be written to document the outcome of the equipment and assay transfers to the new location, which will be shared with clients upon request.

Will our laboratory license/certification numbers change?
No. We contacted the accrediting bodies and discussed the change in location. They agreed that our numbers will remain the same; however, the current certificates will remain in effect until our next inspection cycle slotted for 2022 and after the move.

Who is handling the actual movement of analytical testing equipment?
The move is being handled by a professional service with an excellent reputation for moving and installation of laboratory equipment and systems. Additionally, original equipment manufacturer service technicians will be brought in to prepare more sensitive instruments for shipment and to reinstall each system at the new location.

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