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The Practical Use of CMV inSIGHT™ (CMV T Cell Immunity testing) in the Lung Transplant Recipient

This webinar is presented by Christina Doligalski, PharmD, sponsored by Eurofins Viracor.

View this dynamic presentation on the following topics but not limited to:

  • Discuss current clinical conundrums with CMV Prevention and Treatment

  • Utilizing the CMV inSIGHT T cell Immunity Panel (TCIP)

  • Highlighting clinical scenarios for TCIP guidance

  • Q&A Session

Length of Presentation: 45 minutes

Presented by: 

  • Christina Doligalski, PharmD
    Solid Organ Transplant Clinical Pharmacist Practitioner
    UNC Health
  • Dave Cornett
    Vlinical Product Specialist
    Eurofins Viracor
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