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Tailoring CMV Prophylaxis Based On T Cell Immunity Panel Assessment in Kidney Transplant Patients at High Risk of CMV

Join us for an insightful on-demand webinar featuring Abigail Servais, PharmD, BCTXP, and Steve Kleiboeker, PhD, as they delve into a groundbreaking protocol at an academic medical center. This protocol incorporates serial assessment of CMV T Cell Immunity Panel (CMV-TCIP) to tailor valganciclovir prophylaxis duration for high-risk kidney transplant patients. Discover their findings on the risk of CMV disease following early discontinuation of prophylaxis and the predictors identified through CMV T cell immunity assessment. Gain valuable insights into optimizing CMV management strategies based on immunological markers.

Includes a special Q&A session at the end.

Length of Presentation: 50 minutes

Presented by: 

Abigail Servais, PharmD, BCTXP
Clinical Pharmacist Practitioner
Abdominal Transplant
Nebraska Medicine

Moderated by:

Steve Kleiboeker, PhD, HCLD/TS/CC (ABB)
Vice President, R & D,
Chief Scientific Officer
Eurofins Viracor

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