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Our Mission: Getting you the most accurate and timely results 

Viracor Eurofins understands that receiving test results quickly is critical to providing the best patient care. We have multiple solutions to deliver timely results for clinicians waiting to make treatment decisions. We are able to send results to multiple locations through multiple methods. Our reporting methods include:


Our secure web-based ordering and reporting solution makes it easy to view patient lab results and testing history, no matter your location.  Ordering electronically can be accomplished through our Retriever online portal.  

The system is convenient and easy-to-use, with multiple management and tracking features. It is ideal for clients that are not directly interfaced with Viracor Eurofins. Retriever works seamlessly with your existing workflow, allowing our clients to search our test menu and place orders electronically, thus streamlining the order entry process.

To setup a Retriever account, contact Client Services at 1-800-305-5198. 

We are committed to providing support to our clients that are new to using our tools or need assistance with troubleshooting.  Once you have a Retriever account set up, you can use our helpful tools to get started:


Results are delivered immediately upon completion enabling clinicians to make faster treatment decisions. Please contact Client Services to discuss opportunities to interface or click here for more information.


Secure delivery of results through email enables physicians to make treatment decisions regardless of their location or proximity to an online computer. To discuss this option, please contact Client Services at 1-800-305-5198.


Results can be faxed to multiple locations making it easy to get results to the appropriate personnel.


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