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Preventing Specimen Rejections

Viracor Eurofins is committed to proactively collaborating with our clients to prevent specimen rejections. We regularly monitor the quantity, frequency, and cause of rejections on a client-by-client basis to identify trends and areas of potential improvement.

Cell Function Testing

Particularly, Cell Function testing requires special attention to specimen collection and shipping in order to ensure the integrity of the sample.  Please watch Viracor’s video for complete specimen collection and shipping instructions:

General Requirements and Guidelines

We make every possible effort to maintain the integrity of the patient’s specimen to ensure accurate test results.  To assist with this effort, we encourage your review of, and adherence to, the following general requirements when collecting and submitting specimens:

  • Collect specimen in the correct container specified on the test page; broken or leaking specimen containers will not be accepted for testing
  • Package specimen in an individual resealable bag. Multiple specimens should NEVER be placed together in a single resealable bag
  • Ship specimen in compliance with all applicable shipping regulations such as IATA and DOT
  • Maintain specimen at the temperature specified on the test detail page of the Test Menu
  • Ensure specimen is shipped for arrival at Viracor Eurofins within the specified required timeframe as stated on the test detail page

Viracor Eurofins handles specimen types that must be separated by temperature requirements. If the above-mentioned conditions and test-specific specimen requirements are not met, Viracor Eurofins will notify the client regarding the reason and recommended resolution.  This notification will occur either verbally through a phone call or through receipt of a lab report detailing the problem.  If you have concerns or questions about submitting a specimen, please contact Client Services at 1-800-305-5198.

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