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Experience the Benefits of Interface Integration

Faster Results, Earlier Patient Treatment

As you know, more timely results can lead to quicker diagnosis, changes to therapy if needed, and may reduce patient length of stay. You’ve taken the right step by using Viracor Eurofins for specialized testing with fast turnaround time (TAT) for your critical patients. Now, imagine even faster TAT with fewer errors

Interfacing with Viracor Eurofins' Laboratory Information System (LIS) may provide test results 6 to 12 hours earlier than manual entry methods (on average), depending on the laboratory workflow.

Reduce Errors, Save Costs

Common manual data entry and transcription errors account for about 4.6% of all hospital laboratory errors.1 Interfacing with Viracor Eurofins' LIS can reduce manual data entry and improve test result TAT providing:

  • Increased operational efficiency; allowing your resources to work on other priorities
  • Improved accuracy, to positively impact patient safety
  • Divert saved budget and resources to adding new lab tests
Experienced, responsive IT team you can trust
  • Over 20 years of implementing interfaces with clinical laboratory and pharmacy clients
  • Experience working with all major LIS providers and networks
  • Adaptable scheduling adjusted to your timeline
  • Adherence to HL7 standards of interface implementation
  • Flexibility with custom builds and special arrangements

Contact us at 800-305-5191 to discuss how a LIS interface can benefit your patients.

(1) The Lewin Group. Laboratory Medicine: A National Status Report. May 2008.

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