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Allergy Volume Requirements

Individual Test Volume

Platform Preferred Volume, mL Minimum Volume, mL
EIA IgE 0.50 0.30
CAP IgE 0.50 0.34
CAP IgA 0.50 0.15
CAP IgG 0.50 0.15
CAP Ig4 0.50 0.15

Multiple Test Volume - IgE/ImmunoCAP

*This calculator is intended to help assess appropriate specimen volume for IgE/ImmunoCAP allergen tests. Eurofins Viracor is not responsible for miscalculations and encourages clients to refer to test specific specimen volume requirements listed within the test menu, or to contact client services at 800-305-5198 with any questions.

Cross-Reactive Foods

Cross-reactivity occurs when antibodies created against one allergen respond to a different allergen that is biologically related. For example, research has shown that there is cross-reactivity among crustaceans, so people allergic to one type of shellfish are cautioned to avoid eating other kinds as well.

It is important to note, however, that cross-reactivity is not absolute and can vary. A patient's immune system may not respond, or respond equally to foods belonging to the same family. It is thus up to the physician to decide if testing for cross-reactive foods is appropriate, and if so which assay is to be performed when no test is available for the desired allergen.

Cross-Reactive Foods Listing

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