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Respiratory Syncytial Virus

Test Code: 206098
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Clinical and Procedure
Clinical Utility

This assay is only available as part of a panel and cannot be ordered individually.

Human respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), a negative-sense, single-stranded RNA, causes a variety of respiratory illnesses. In at risk infants and children, it can cause bronchitis, croup, and lower respiratory infections like bronchiolitis and pneumonia. Premature infants, very young infants, and those with chronic (always present) lung or heart disease or with suppressed (weakened) immune systems have a greater chance of having a more severe infection such as a lower respiratory tract infection. Symptomatic RSV infections may occur in adults, particularly in healthcare workers or caretakers of small children. High-risk adults, such as those with certain chronic illnesses or immunosuppression, may have more severe symptoms consistent with a lower respiratory tract infection, such as pneumonia.

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