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What would it mean for patient care if you could streamline transplant diagnostics with one lab?

  • Assess pre-transplant donor eligibility screening, HLA & immunogenetics testing

  • Identify post transplant Subclinical Acute or Acute rejection

  • Rule out infection, manage immunosuppression levels and toxicity

  • Test for COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2 (Viral Load, Antibody, Immunity)

Solid Organ Transplant Testing

When your solid organ transplant (SOT) patients face complications, you need accurate and rapid results to minimize infection and graft failure. 

  • Monitoring rejection, infection, immune system function, and triazole antifungal drug levels in advance of clinical symptoms provides the optimal opportunity for successful intervention, which will prevent transplant rejection and treatment

  • Comprehensive list of specimen types for many of our infectious disease assays including but not limited to, plasma, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, lung tissue, bone marrow aspirate, throat specimens and fecal specimens, among other fluids and tissues

Blood and Marrow Transplant Testing

Every BMT/HSCT procedure comes with complications that can very quickly cascade into a life-threatening situation. Symptoms often mimic each other, making diagnosis and management complex. Viracor understands that early recognition and prompt intervention are critical for patients suspected of having an infection or complication. You can depend on Viracor for differential diagnostic testing with rapid turnaround time.

Streamlining Transplant Diagnostics

Is your patient rejecting? Is it Infection?
Immunosuppression levels or toxicity?

Testing that helps you answer the critical questions of transplant care.

Viracor TRAC® dd-cfDNA Testing

Your patient is experience non-specific symptoms post transplant, and routine testing suggests either infection or acute rejection.

Confounding symptoms need to be ruled out and traditional biopsy has its risks.

Wouldn't it be good to know if your patient requires a biopsy before its done?

See how Viracor TRAC® works with Viracor's infectious disease testing for more informed answers.

A Closer Look at Rejection Biomarkers: Designed for your Patient's Individual Needs

The chart to the right illustrates the intended use for our proprietary transplant rejection testing based on patient status; is their organ function stable or presenting with symptoms that point to dysfunction?

  • TruGraf® for Subclinical Acute Rejection

    TruGraf is intended for use in transplant patients with stable organ function as an alternative to surveillance biopsies.

  • Viracor TRAC® for Acute Rejection

    TRAC is a donor-derived cell-free DNA test for evaluating organ rejection.

Managing Infectious Disease in Transplant Patients

Speed. Quality. Service.

Whether you are trying to rule out or manage an infection like SARS-CoV-2, CMV or BKV, Eurofins Viracor offers a comprehensive test portfolio to help you make better treatment decisions.

Spotlight on COVID-19 Diagnostics

Eurofins Viracor has been at the forefront of fighting COVID-19

In partnership with the National Kidney Registry, Eurofins Viracor offers COVID-19 testing to help support the continuation of paired exchanges and transplant surgeries during the pandemic. In addition, we introduced Labs@HOMEa mobile phlebotomy service for high risk patients that need to avoid a hospital visit. No other lab can deliver the full spectrum of necessary testing and services this patient population requires, and that's why hundreds of hospitals and transplant centers trust Viracor for their clinical diagnostic needs. 

Let us help you streamline transplant testing for your most critical patients.

Experience and Service You Can Trust

Viracor was one of the first laboratories in the U.S. dedicated to serving the distinctive needs of transplant patients. We know transplant diagnostics. 

As a specialty lab partnering with hundreds of academic hospitals & transplant centers, Viracor understands the complex diagnostic challenges that can occur, and your related testing needs for pre and post transplantation.

  • 35 years of experience in clinical diagnostic testing
  • Partner with 60% of U.S. transplant programs nationwide
  • CAP & CLIA accredited laboratory

Results In Time To Make A Difference

We know that accelerated, clinically meaningful results are critical to transplant patient outcomes. This is why we’re committed to bringing you fast, accurate results that can help you counter infections and minimize graft failure.

Same day results (within 24 hours or sooner from specimen receipt) for:

New to Eurofins Viracor?

Get Results Faster, When It Matters Most.

With over 35 years of specialized expertise in infectious disease, immunology and allergy testing for immunocompromised and critical patients, Viracor is committed to helping medical professionals, transplant teams and reference labs get results faster, when it matters most.

We would be honored to be your diagnostic testing partner. For more information and to set up an account, please click on the button below.

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