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Helping Immunocompromised Patients Stay Safe with at Home Testing

As hospitals and transplant programs remain burdened with COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses, patients may be unable to return or want to avoid the hospital or care center for their required surveillance testing. Additionally, clinicians are aiming to reduce office visits, both to ensure patient health and safety, as well as lessen the burden on staff. 

To help clinicians continue to provide routine care for critical patients without requiring them to visit their care center, Viracor offers safe, convenient and accurate mobile phlebotomy.

Viracor’s Labs@HOME service offers physicians the option to order from a select menu of infectious disease, transplant-related testing and routine blood labs. A COVID-19 screened, professional phlebotomist will then schedule a time to safely perform the specimen collection in the patient’s home, practicing all COVID-19 guidelines and utilizing PPE.

Ordered by the Physician, Scheduled by the Patient

Labs@HOME SOT Profile:

CMV,  ADV,  BKV,  EBV,  HHV-6  and
Immunosuppressive Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Labs@HOME BMT Profile:

CMV,  ADV,  EBV,  HHV6, and
Immunosuppressive Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Order Standalone or as Add-On(s)

Additional Add-On Testing:

  • Complete Blood Count with Differential
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
  • Basic Metabolic Panel
  • Urinalysis w/ Microscopic Examination
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