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Innovations in Immunity

inSIGHT™ T Cell diagnostic delivers a deeper understanding of patients' response to viral antigens

  • Assess current immune response for viral target

  • Confirm if virus specific CD4 and CD8 T Cells are present

  • Evaluate treatment decisions

Learn more about Eurofins Viracor inSIGHT™ for examining T cell response:

It's your job to keep patients safe; our job is to help you do it.

The Advantages of inSIGHT™

With inSIGHT™, you're now armed with the data to help answer critical questions: Is the patient's body producing a T Cell response? Is that response strong enough to make treatment adjustments? Are they ready to discontinue antiviral medication?

For Clinical Staff

  • Reports CD4 and CD8 responses separately
  • Provides numerical values for various reportables
  • Ability for result consultation with scientific liaisons

For Lab Staff

  • Does not require additional staff or training
  • Live cell ambient shippers available
  • Simple blood draw, no extra processing to isolate PBMC

T Cell Immunity Testing - Flow Cytometry

How It Works

inSIGHT™ utilizes intracellular cytokine staining analyzed by flow cytometry to measure the strength of T cell responses to viral specific antigens or proteins. It evaluates and reports the activity of CD4 and CD8 T Cell responses separately.


Results Reporting

… Unlike ELISpot or QuantiFERONassays, ICS can thus provide both quantitative and qualitative characteristics of CMV-specific T cells.”

Kotton CN, Kumar D, Caliendo AM, et al. International consensus guidelines on the management of cytomegalovirus in solid organ transplantation. Transplantation. Apr 15 2010;89(7):779-95.


Evaluating Cytomegalovirus Cell Mediated Immunity Diagnostic Assays

Explore data on various CMV cell mediated immunity assays and how they can potentially benefit your immunocompromised patients.

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