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Pre-Transplant Donor Screening. Viral Load. Genotyping. Drug Resistance.​


Test Name Test Code CPT Code(s) Specimen Type NY Approved? Volume Turnaround Time
HIV-1 Quantitative Real-time RT-PCR 1801 87536 Plasma Yes

2 mL (min. 1.5 mL)

1 - 4 business days from receipt of specimen

HIV-1/HIV-2 Plus O EIA 30816 86703 Plasma, Serum Yes

300 µL (min 150 µL)

Within 24 hours from receipt of specimen


Ultrio Elite HIV-1/2, HCV, HBV NAT 30805 87516, 87521, 87535 Plasma, Serum Yes

2.5 mL (min 1.5 mL)

HIV-1 Genotypic Drug Resistance Sequencing 1901 87901, 87906 Plasma Yes

2 mL (min. 1 mL/ min. viral load 600 copies/mL)

4-6 business days from receipt of specimen


HIV-1 Integrase Genotyping 1950 87906 Plasma Yes


Viracor’s HIV-1 Genotypic Drug Resistance Sequencing assay provides the fastest characterization—including subtype identification—of the most relevant viral genomic mutations known to confer resistance to antiretroviral drugs.

Significant Advantages of Viracor Genotyping

  • Detects the genomic mutations known to confer resistance to antiretroviral drugs
  • Estimates susceptibility to a growing list of approved medications referenced by the preeminent, curated Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database (HIVDB)
  • Excludes distracting test results (often included in alternative tests) that are unrelated to HIV drug resistance
  • Delivers industry-leading turnaround time: <6 days from specimen receipt
  • Reduces delays in getting patients on appropriate medications
  • Is available via HL7 interface for efficient, streamlined reporting and convenient access to actionable information
  • Identifies HIV-1 subtypes B, A, AE, AG, C, D and G
  • Is cost-effective

When to Order Viracor's HIV-1 Genotypic Drug Resistance Sequencing

Because HIV drug resistance changes over time, it is recommended that Viracor’s HIV testing be ordered at various stages in a patient’s journey. Consistent with NIH Guidelines, Viracor’s HIV testing is informative in:

  • Getting a baseline profile identifying current viral load
  • Problem-solving lack of response to therapy
  • Understanding patient deterioration
  • Getting clarification when considering a change in drug therapies

Know Your Patient's Susceptibility to Approved Antiretroviral Drugs

Viracor’s Genotyping estimates a patient’s susceptibility to:

  • NRTIs
  • NNRTIs
  • PIs
  • INIs

Why Advanced Subtyping Makes Viracor Testing Most Beneficial

As new HIV strains continue to emerge* in a virus with high genetic variability, Viracor fulfills an unmet need for HIV-1 subtyping.

  • The Viracor Genotyping test reports HIV-1 and provides susceptibility estimates for these subtypes:
        - B, A, AE, AG, C, D and G
  • Alternative tests may estimate only HIV-1 B or may not identify the subtype at all
  • B subtype is most common, but 90% of cases worldwide are non-B
  • Non-B is on the rise in the US
  • As non-B prevalence rises, Viracor’s assay will deliver a growing body of knowledge about treatment


The Stanford University HIV Database Assures that our Testing is Current on Approved HIV Antiretroviral Drugs

A patient’s susceptibility profile is determined by the Viracor HIV-1 Genotypic Drug Resistant Sequencing test, based on the curated Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database. For a complete list of regions evaluated, associated susceptibility, and references, visit:

Advantages include:

  • The Stanford database lists possible mutations and also includes links to supporting literature
  • Stanford updates the database continually. Viracor incorporates the newest updates in its reporting. Physicians receive reports based on current, curated data to support drug therapy decisions
  • The database stores, analyzes, and makes publicly available HIV drug resistance data from HIV researchers and clinicians
  • Stanford helps identify gaps in drug resistance information and updates its information through retrospective or prospective studies
  • Other HIV drug resistance testing may use only a lab-developed algorithm

New to Viracor?

With over 30 years of specialized expertise in infectious disease, immunology and allergy testing for immunocompromised and critical patients, Viracor is committed to helping medical professionals, transplant teams, reference labs and biopharmaceutical companies get results faster, when it matters most.

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